Children’s Laureate calls for more teacher librarians

Why Libraries offer that special place to liberate the mind from constraints that are found in the classroom….

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Impact: Matching Books to Readers by Ona Feinberg

Here are words of wisdom from a Book Advocate….enjoy!

Nerdy Book Club

I got to help kindergartners pick books today.

“Bring over your book bins, friends,” I told each group. “Today, I get to do some of my favorite things! I get to hear you read books, and I get to help you pick ‘just right’ books.”  

I wasn’t exaggerating, these really are a few of my favorite things.

Each group was different, of course: Made up of two to six 5- and 6-year-old individuals, each with 2 or 3 books in their book bins. These kindergarteners had varying degrees of loving books, sight word recognition, decoding skills, and motion and squirm while we worked on the carpet. Some children read smoothly, turning the pages of their memorized book at the right spot. Others read pointing at each word, practicing their sight words, and their word attack skills. After reading a little of their book to me, we would pick new…

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Literary Lifeguards by James Ponti

They rescue kids who might otherwise get pulled under by unseen currents. They provide a map to help the marginalized and misunderstood navigate the dangerous waters of adolescence. They stop kids before they get in over their heads. Why?
Because it’s easier to save a kid in the sanctuary of books than it is anywhere else.

Read More at James Ponti’s post here:

Nerdy Book Club

Like so many of the great lessons in my life, this one starts on a beach.  Waimea Beach to be exact, on Oahu’s north shore. I was there for a television shoot (I know, rough life) and interviewed a lifeguard. When I asked him about saving lives he gave me an answer that caught me completely by surprise.

“Most of our rescues are on land.”

He explained that he and his fellow guards keep a constant eye out for the inexperienced and unprepared: the tourist with a sparkly new surfboard; the novice swimmer steeling up with courage to dive into the surf; kids daring each other to jump off the rocks.  When they encounter these people, they engage them and talk about the dangers and their skill level. When appropriate they recommend nearby beaches that are better suited for them and encourage safe practices. The reason is simple:

“It’s easier…

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Online Abuse Silences Women And Girls

As an Aunt and Great Aunt to beautiful, strong and amazing women and girls, it’s my duty to call this to your attention. We need to change the behaviour and the society that allows this to fester.


Pervasive online abuse and harassment pressure women and girls into censoring themselves on social media and fuel gender-based discrimination and violence, rights groups said on Monday.

About one in four women in Britain, the United States and six other countries said in a survey they had experienced online abuse or harassment.

More than 40 percent said the online abuse made them fear for their physical safety and more than half reported trouble sleeping, loss of self-esteem and panic attacks after the incidents, according to rights group Amnesty International.

About a third stopped expressing their opinions online or withdrew from public conversations as a result, Amnesty said.

“It’s no secret that misogyny and abuse are thriving on social media platforms, but this poll shows just how damaging the consequences of online abuse are,” said Amnesty researcher Azmina Dhrodia.

“This is not something that goes away when you log off.”

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A Writer’s Best Friend is Google

I liked this approach but have to say that if you are Googling for research please consider the CRAAP test – look at the information, the website and evaluate it before using or distributing. CRAAP stands for Currency, Relevancy, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose and was devised by Sarah Blakeslee of California State University just to evaluate information.

Shannon A Thompson

As an author, I LOVE helping fellow writers. In fact, I encourage writers to message me whenever they want with whatever questions they have. But don’t forget, folks.

Google is your best friend.

Recently, maybe due to NaNoWriMo, I’ve received A LOT more messages than usual. The most common one: “How can I get my book published?”

When I search “How can I get my book published?” on Google, the first three articles are actually pretty legit. One is about how to self-publish on Amazon. Another is a list of self-publishing tips by Forbes Magazine. The third is a step-by-step guide on how to get traditionally published. (No results were vanity presses, yay!) My favorite article that popped up toward the top was Start Here: How to Get Your Book Published by Jane Friedman.

If the writers who had emailed me had Googled their question first, they would’ve had these…

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The value of UNESCO – a plea on the value of Libraries

On 16 October 2017, following the announcement by the governments of the United States and Israel of their intention to leave UNESCO, IFLA released the following statement:

Education, Science and Culture: Shared Objectives Need Shared Effort
The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) regrets the announcement by the US and Israel of their withdrawal from UNESCO, and encourages all parties to work together to find a positive solution.

Libraries play a vital role in promoting education, advancing science, and preserving and celebrating culture. IFLA, as a global network, is built on the basis that our institutions, and our activities, gain from discussion, and cooperation, across borders. We advance faster and in a more sustainable way towards these objectives – as institutions and as societies – when we do it together.

IFLA, as the global voice of libraries, therefore affirms the value of UNESCO as a global intergovernmental organisation in the field of education, science and culture, working with libraries to achieve our common goals. We encourage all governments to join us in this.

Romancing the Skull

I had the distinct pleasure of attending Romancing the Skull at the Art Gallery of Ballarat on Saturday evening. What a great evening spent with some wonderful art work and the company of my partner and child.

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