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Diversity is a precious gift

Incredibly wise words from Christopher Cliffe RN, Chief Executive Officer  of CRANA plus in response to the horrendous attack in New Zealand:

Extremisms, violence, and hate must not find a place to survive in our world. Diversity is a precious gift, our strength and something we must protect and celebrate.

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Chasing the denuclearisation fantasy: The US-North Korea summit ends abruptly in Hanoi

Benjamin Habib, Lecturer in International Relations, Department of Politics and Philosophy, La Trobe University provides us a fascinating article on:

Chasing the denuclearisation fantasy: The US-North Korea summit ends abruptly in Hanoi

Is It Safe Here for Them?

Eliza Grace Quinn’s response to another murder of a young woman in Melbourne raises the issue Is It Safe Here for Them?

Read this piece and reflect on how far we have not yet come in providing a society where everyone is safe from violence.



SheDecides Day 2019 – March 2nd

she dcides

SheDecides is a global political movement driving change, fuelled by actions in communities, with young people at its heart.
We are united by the belief in the right of every girl and every woman, everywhere, to make the decisions only she should make. We are committed to a world where SheDecides. Without question.

Maybe he just likes you…..

I recently posted about “He’s mean because he likes you here”  because I experienced such behaviours all through my schooling. I was the one who was developing way ahead of my peers, I stood out, I was the target for mean boys. I step in when I see this sort of behaviour now, it’s unacceptable harassment but growing up as I did in the 1970’s and conditioned by society to be a quiet girl I had to suffer through this harassment because the old lines were used on me and fool that I was, I believed it.

So when I saw this Cover Reveal: MAYBE HE JUST LIKES YOU by Barbara Dee, I was heartened. Here is a book that explores this harassment, and deals with all the issues I and countless others have had to deal with growing up.

Schooling in America – Home of the Lockdown?

A great post from the Washington Post on the state of the children who are living a life whereby School Lockdowns are a regular event.

I am so thankful that my partner and child do not experience this. I am thankful for living in a country who has gun controls, who place value in all children’s educations – and do not live the education of those living below the poverty line to private industry.

Never Tell Her: “He’s Mean Because He Likes You”

This great article from the Mighty Girl neatly sums up the victim blaming that I experienced growing up. The fact that the boy concerned ran me over with his bike, or forced me to hide in the Library crying from him, did not stop anyone from using this well trodden line on me. Looking back on the social conditioning that made me assume it was all my fault, that some how my behaviour led to his, really made me feel as I was the fault. I was as the first person interviewed, ashamed and shamed by it.

There are great links to books that can be used to discuss boundaries and healthy relationships attached to this article.

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