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Where have I been?

So I injured my knee quite badly at the beginning of November last year.  Then I had to undergo surgery, then rehab, and in between all of this, we decided to sell our beloved old house, I got a second job, my child started secondary school, we bought and moved into a new home…..

I swear to the Universe, that I will never again try and pack all of the above into four and half months. It was stressful, painful and sometimes full of insane laughter, but we got through it. Though just as I’m now getting back onto two feet – down from a silver walking frame, and now a single crutch, the world is shrinking again.

I hope that you and yours remain safe and healthy.

Take care and I will try and pop in again to say hullo soon.


I’m An ‘Eco’ Hoarder

Oh this great post on I’m An ‘Eco’ Hoarder made me think of the multiple bags of clothes I’m donating to the charity shop.

We’ve just gone through the expose of what has been happening to our recyclables here in Ballarat.  Now I wonder how much of the clean recycles I put out, ends up as landfill.

Does setting boundaries make you uncomfortable? Good: you’re doing it right (Part 1)

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The silver fox from bone&silver hits it on the head with this post on Does setting boundaries make you uncomfortable? Good: you’re doing it right (Part 1)

I think that has been the hardest lesson for me to learn – to boundary set, and to then stick with it.

Cinematic Flashback: Godzilla (1998) Review

Crazy Confession – I love Godzilla. Can’t help myself, have been a serious fan for many decades of my life. So this reminded me of the first Americanisation of my beloved Godzilla Cinematic Flashback: Godzilla (1998) Review.

The movie didn’t quite capture Godzilla for me – but if I put aside my deep affection for the character it’s not a bad film. (Just not a great version of my Godzilla).

The Women By J. Mae Barizo

It’s been a while since I shared a poem – but I loved this one:
photo of a toast

Photo by on

An evening of expected rain. Out the window clouds lifted
their skirts and the wind poured in. We were the mothers
lingering over the dessert tray, placing the sweets in our
mouths, one by one. We were the soothers and givers,
keepers of children and men. Those days, our skin bunched
up at the bra line, eyelids gathering like crinoline as it folds.
Yet standing there at the table, there was nothing in the world
we were in want of, not even the loves that had escaped us.
Whatever we suffered, we let go of willingly. To know we
were not the same women as before did not pain us. When
the others spoke their voices swept over us like bees hovering
over lilacs. Outside, lights strobed over the Hudson; we watched
a white boat riding the crest of a wave, headed to sea. We
felt an ache we realized was happiness, almost unbearable.
Find more information here.

Desperation And Broken Trust When Schools Restrain Students Or Lock Them In Rooms

A thought provoking investigation by NPR is reported here.

Library Service for Children in Migrant Detention Centers

So I have just come back from four weeks touring the National Parks of America. Along the way I watched my fair share of News coverage on the deaths happening along the border. The picture of the father and his daughter still makes me tear up.

I’m not proud to say that Australia’s record of detaining Children is any better. But what gave me heart was listening to the passionate Americans I met along the way who were horrified by what was going on. Who were going to be out there protesting and challenging what was happening.

This article on the provision of Library services to Children in Detention Centres will inspire you. Americans who are standing up and helping out, give me hope that change can happen.


“Host bodies”

Read the interview of Florida House Speaker José Oliva as he refers to pregnant women as “Host bodies”.

He claims to be a libertarian who thinks abortion is the defining challenge of our time. I think he needs to go back and rethink his opinion of freedom of choice.

Circulating Ideas – Teen’s Mental Health

This is a great interview from Circulating Ideas and Deborah Takahashi author of Serving Teens with Mental Illness in the Library.

I really loved the idea of Mental First Aid, and I attended a session on this a few years ago when I was working on the front desk of a rural high school. I highly recommend attending a course, you will learn a lot.

Tony Stark – Marvel’s Cinematic Masterpiece

I love this post about Tony Stark – Marvel’s Cinematic Masterpiece.

Tony is flawed, just like me and you, and yet he still is capable of stepping up when he needs to. I love him as an example I can use to my own child – as they begin the voyage of teenagerhood. That we have to make mistakes, to learn from them.


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