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Knitting to pass the pandemic

So apart from rehabilitating after knee surgery, and then a pandemic, I’ve rediscovered knitting. It brings a certain calmness to me, and brings me very much to the centre of my thoughts.

I found this really interesting article from The Cut by Madeleine Aggeler on Knitting to Keep My Hands Busy. I may not be an expert knitter, but like Madeleine I gain a lot from the simple crafting. I connect to all the folk in my ancestors who knitted, and those who will come after who will also knit to create for themselves and their families.

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Where have I been?

So I injured my knee quite badly at the beginning of November last year.  Then I had to undergo surgery, then rehab, and in between all of this, we decided to sell our beloved old house, I got a second job, my child started secondary school, we bought and moved into a new home…..

I swear to the Universe, that I will never again try and pack all of the above into four and half months. It was stressful, painful and sometimes full of insane laughter, but we got through it. Though just as I’m now getting back onto two feet – down from a silver walking frame, and now a single crutch, the world is shrinking again.

I hope that you and yours remain safe and healthy.

Take care and I will try and pop in again to say hullo soon.

Circulating Ideas – Teen’s Mental Health

This is a great interview from Circulating Ideas and Deborah Takahashi author of Serving Teens with Mental Illness in the Library.

I really loved the idea of Mental First Aid, and I attended a session on this a few years ago when I was working on the front desk of a rural high school. I highly recommend attending a course, you will learn a lot.

Diversity is a precious gift

Incredibly wise words from Christopher Cliffe RN, Chief Executive Officer  of CRANA plus in response to the horrendous attack in New Zealand:

Extremisms, violence, and hate must not find a place to survive in our world. Diversity is a precious gift, our strength and something we must protect and celebrate.

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Reliving Series 11 of Doctor Who

A great post Reliving Series 11 of Doctor Who by the Time Ladies.

Did you watch the series? What did you think? Was the tardis too crowded?

Three Things to be Grateful for

Life rushes me by, and I look up and realise that January has sped by and now February is to. So I wanted to halt and just reflect on 3 things I am truly grateful for:

  1. Running Water. You see we’ve been renovating the bathroom – our previous shower over the bath was always a dicey adventure as we had two huge cracks near the drain hole. So we saved up and had a walk in shower installed, however three weeks later, one massive hot water leak, and several retiling of the floor later, we’re still waiting to be able to use it. So I’m just grateful we had a hose I could shower under….it’s not fun, but I’m thankful for it. Plus I’m grateful we had one outside dunny…..
  2. My family. I have a small family, and a larger friend family. They are truly wonderful, and supportive. I’m not sure where I would be without them.
  3. Books – they truly are my form of meditation. To get lost amongst the pages for hours is for me to wander in the Elysian Fields.

What are you grateful for?

Reading Book Challenge 2019 the update

So I posted here about developing a reading book challenge for myself. I’d like to post where I am up to with it, and see how far I’ve actually progressed…..

  1. A Book Published in 2019 – Not yet accomplished
  2. A Book You Own But Never Read – I’m in the process of reading a book I have owned for years on Urban Legends, but just never read…..Work in progress
  3. A Classic – so I read My People by Oodgeroo Noonuccal –  an amazing collection of poetry. Completed. 
  4. A Book Written by an Australian/New Zealand Author- Calypso Summer by Jared Thomas – awesome page turning YA romance featuring a rocking Nukunu lead character. Completed!
  5. A Non-Fiction Book – Gluten Free and Vegan Pie by Jennifer Katzinger. Completed!
  6. An LGBT+ Romance – oooh I will find one…..there are so many great ones to choose from.
  7. A Book with the Protagonist that Shares Your Occupation – Anyone know a good book about a Librarian?
  8. A Book That Has Been Made Into a Movie – do Graphic Novels count???
  9. A Romance Novel With Diverse Lead Characters – I’ll be chasing up suggestions for this one too..
  10. The Bestseller of Your Birth Year – hmm I’ll need to look this up.
  11. A Translated Romance Novel – I’ll track something down…
  12. A Historical Romance Set in Ancient Times – again I’ll need to look for this one….
  13. A Book of Short Stories – oh gosh I think I might have something sitting on table that may be appropriate!
  14. A Book Someone Gave You/Recommended – this one was easy Caliban’s War by James S.A. Corey – devoured it in a day. Completed! 
  15. A Book You Chose Based on the Cover Alone – that would have to be Zenobia by Morten Durr. Completed!
  16. A book of free verse or poetry – well I’m loving Oodgeroo so maybe some more of her work?
  17. Banned Novel – ooh what to choose? Any suggestions?
  18. A Book You Started and Never Finished – The Giant Book of New World SF edited by Issac Asimov – started a few years ago and haven’t finished it but it’s a WIP.
  19. A Book You Can Read in One Sitting – a great book by Renee Fogorty called Fair Skin Black Fella – a great book with a great meaning. Should be in every school library. Completed!

So 6 completed, and I’m in February…..seriously if you have suggestions I would love to hear from you about them.

Dear Humankind, a message from the Australian Red Cross

I get a few messages in my inbox that make me stop and think. This is one of them:

Dear humankind
As we embark on a new year, with fresh hopes and aspirations, please pause to reflect that for millions of people in Australia and overseas, daily life is fragile; spent in search for the very basics of survival.

From Bangladesh’s makeshift camps where the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis is unfolding, to Syria where, for nearly eight years, war has left millions needing aid to stay alive. From the thousands of cars and makeshift dwellings that house the homeless in our own country, to the remote communities living with entrenched disadvantage.
Caught up in these precarious situations are resourceful, resilient, brave and talented people. They’ve needed to be to escape the bullets and survive horrors and hurdles that are hard to imagine.
Like anyone, they deserve safety, wellbeing and to be treated with dignity. We can all help with that.
Let’s make 2019 the year of:
More empathy, less indifference.
More hope, less hatred.
More impartiality, less judgement.

More opportunity, less inequality.
More unity, less division.

Let’s all share a new year’s resolution to make the world a kinder and better place.

Yours sincerely,

Australian Red Cross

Book Reading Challenge 2019

I got this idea from the 2019 Book Resolutions Reading Challenge at, then decided I needed to modify it for my own purposes and reading style. I’m going to report back on how well I have achieved this as the year progresses….so stay tuned!

  1. A Book Published in 2019
  2. A Book You Own But Never Read
  3. A Classic
  4. A Book Written by an Australian/New Zealand Author
  5. A Non-Fiction Book
  6. An LGBT+ Romance
  7. A Book with the Protagonist that Shares Your Occupation
  8. A Book That Has Been Made Into a Movie
  9. A Romance Novel With Diverse Lead Characters
  10. The Bestseller of Your Birth Year
  11. A Translated Romance Novel
  12. A Historical Romance Set in Ancient Times
  13. A Book of Short Stories
  14. A Book Someone Gave You/Recommended
  15. A Book You Chose Based on the Cover Alone
  16. A book of free verse or poetry
  17. Banned Novel
  18. A Book You Started and Never Finished
  19. A Book You Can Read in One Sitting

Do you want to join me? If so please leave a comment below and we can bookclub our way through this list!

Why we need to be kind

Ryan from Homeless Library, sent out a weekly tip for homeless, mentally ill and addicted patrons this holiday season that I wanted to share with you:

Fact 1: When humans experience stress, our brains release Cortisol.

Fact 2: Cortisol increases aggression.

What that means for you: When you are rude to the people around you (causing them stress), their brains release Cortisol. That makes them more aggressive with you.

So… be nice! People will be nicer to you (because their brain chemistry will be different)!




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