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How dark is your personality?

I took this test and found out that I’m moderately nefarious….how do you rate?


The lump and me

Okay so I have found a lump where a lump should not be. The GP I saw, examined me, my lump and my lymph nodes, after we’d discussed the long list of cancer in my family – a veritable who has had what, died from it or has fought it to a standstill for now. I also discussed my hysterectomy and Oophorectomy that I had. He then mentioned that my family might have Lynch syndrome and he would look into it and get back to me. (When I got home I Dr Googled that, I sent a link to my niece, who wrote back – well that would explain a lot).

All of which brings me to today, I have my mammogram and ultrasound booked for Monday, which hopefully will inch me past this – doesn’t look like cancer to me phase, to what it is and what we can about it phase. (Action, sweet action that is what I’m craving right now).

But it’s the hanging on the precipice that scares me right now. I’ve been here before – when they dug out the tumours that had encircled and burst from my uterus and my ovaries – non cancerous but large enough to have tried attaching to anything and everything. This is the time I’m vulnerable – the not knowing, the hoping it will be alright.

I am comfort eating, and drinking chamomile and black tea like there’s no tomorrow. (The advice of my departed Mum rings through my mind- a cup of tea solves everything – which keeps me turning boiling another lot of water for another lot of tea). I also have a tendency to burst into tears – when my child isn’t home to witness –  me sliding towards the tissue box and chest heaving with sobs. (I don’t just cry, I sob….).

So keep your fingers crossed for me and my lump….Monday will come soon enough – a friend has offered to drive me there and be my moral support….for which I am grateful for.


They cannot take the sky: stories from detention – Brunswick Library

For more than two decades, Australia has locked up people who arrive here fleeing persecution – sometimes briefly, sometimes for years. In ‘They cannot take the sky‘, those people tell their stories in their own words.

John Gulzari will reflect on some of his experiences and, along with Michael Green, will discuss Behind the Wire’s project on immigration detention, which includes the book, an exhibition, and The Messenger podcast.



Building Empathy with a great selection of books….

I want a better world for my child and my nieces and nephews. A better world for me, is one where empathy is a trait we allow our children to develop and use to make the world a better place for everyone.  Sue Warren has created a great list of books that can kick off the building of this vitally important trait visit Empathy and Books for Children for more information.

Kids Need Books Everywhere by Jennifer LaGarde and Donalyn Miller

School libraries are essential to ensuring that all children have access to books. There are families who can’t afford to buy books, and a school library is sometimes the only place these children can find books that they want to read.

Nerdy Book Club

Indisputably, children and adolescents benefit when they attend schools with degreed librarians and well-developed library collections (Scholastic, 2018). We also know that providing kids with reliable access to books is one of the easiest, most cost effective ways to influence their achievement. (Allington, McGill-Franzen 2014). Unfortunately, too many young people live in “book deserts” without meaningful, consistent access to books at school and home–disproportionately impoverished children of color in rural and urban communities.

The research is clear, much of what we describe as the “achievement gap” is caused by differential access to books (Alexander et al., 2007). Themajority of public school children live in poverty with limited resources for books. Our school and classroom library collections may be the primary (or sole) source of books for many of the children we serve. Understanding our students depend on schools to provide reading material, our goal is…

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#STABsummerreading 2018

An excellent resource for ideas about where to go with your reading adventure. Think of the list as a map that will take you to places you’ve yet to visit…..


I have an important announcement to make. Gather closely, please: YOU SHOULD READ STUFF THAT YOU LIKE OVER THE SUMMER.

I’m talking to you. The kid who is struggling with assigned historical fiction. The student who is tempted to dive into next year’s assigned book list early. The 8th grader who does’t have time to read graphic novels because of lacrosse practice. If those things are what you love (or what your reader loves), then AWESOME. Go for it! But if they’re not? Then go back up and read that message again. And again. And again. And as many times as you need to, until you’re as excited about it as I am.

One of my favorite things about working in the Learning Village at St. Anne’s-Belfield School is that the summer reading homework is simple: read stuff that you love. Read it a lot. No assigned lists, or “subtly…

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