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Trump’s new budget SLASHES all federal funding for public libraries

So I’m a Library fan, I work in one, volunteer in others, take my child to many. (I even visit them when I’m on holiday).

But what gets me, is when the funding to them is cut. I’ve seen what a Library can do to children who can’t afford to access books any other way. I’ve seen the power of reading change lives….so when you cut funding, you cut off the equitable access to education and empowerment that often goes hand in hand with a Library service.

If you live in America – please, please sign up and Save your Public Library. Stop this nonsense right now.


Level Playground Resource

I’m a parent of a child who doesn’t really fit. They’re like me in that respect, I was always too fat (which looking back on I wasn’t but in the playground I felt I was), too ugly (again kids are cruel – what is a bush pig anyway?), wore glasses, spoke with an English accent (thanks to my migrant parents), read science fiction, and wandered around with my head in space. Now my child is experiencing issues around weight, reading, standing out because they think for themselves, feeling isolated and alone.

So when I came across this awesome website the Level Playground, I thought I can’t be the only parent out there wanting more guidance and help in achieving an environment that is safe for our kids to be their true selves…

International Women’s Health and Human Rights – Free Course

Stanford University is offering a free course that focuses on women’s health and human rights issues from infancy through old age, including information about positive interventions relating to those issues. For more information please go to their website here.

Whatever happened to the 15-hour workweek?

So a long time ago, in a University far far away, I studied Economics….I know the black art. Seriously it is to those of us who studied Accounting back in the 1990’s. Anyway along the way I learnt about John Maynard Keynes who changed Macroeconomics forever. (Yep there is such a thing as Macro and Micro economics….).

So John Maynard Keynes postulated that we would make such massive productivity gains that our workweek would be compressed to 15 hours a week. In this great, easy to understand article Joshua Krook, (Doctoral Candidate in Law, University of Adelaide ) explores some of the reasons why we never got to the mythical 15 hour work week.

Read on and wonder like me what the world would be like if we did manage to compress the working week down to two days…..if you work a seven and a half hour day…..

Linda Walker – MBE

Do you wonder what happened to the children who grew up near Chernobyl?  I believe Linda Walker symbolizes what we can all do – change the world through our actions. Her Chernobyl Children’s Project UK helps the young seek respite and experience joy. For more of this fascinating woman please read this article at Linda Walker’s healing touch.

When bad behaviour is ignored…it flourishes….

A great article from one of my favourite authors on a subject that is essential to creating the social change society needs.


Okay. I’ve had it. To the people who are writing articles in The Atlantic and The New York Times and other publications about how ” 560 more words

via Here Are Some Reasons Why Women Do Not Bear the Responsibility for Avoiding Men’s Horrific Behavior — This Is My Secret

The Two States Of Women In Pakistan

Pakistani-based writer and novelist Bina Shah explains what it means to be a woman in Pakistan.

Patriarchy is responsible for honor killing, acid attacks, slut-shaming, reduced sentences for rapists, reduced jail terms for those who murder women. Patriarchy assigns monetary value to women’s bodies, and for the idea that all women are whores, if you only know their price. Patriarchy deems that you can snuff out a woman’s life if you decide she’s no longer of value to you (disobedient, immoral, used goods)

This article originally appeared on Feministani By Bina Shah. 

To read Nadja’s article please visit via The Two States Of Women In Pakistan

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