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Street Libraries

So I love books – that is no surprise, but the advent of the Street Library truly excites me. So as a project I’ve decided this is it – the one I will achieve this year. (With a lot of help from my dear partner….)

Follow this link and see the fact sheet we’ll be using to build our Street Library.

Then I’m going to list us on the Street Libraries website.

I want to make a difference in the world – one book, one library at a time.

A quote from Anna Gebhardt who is an inspiration for my project:


Reading Without Walls Challenge

5th National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, Gene Luen Yang invites you to take the Reading Without Walls Challenge!

Inspired by his official platform, the challenge encourages readers to explore books of diverse voices, genres, and formats. For resources you can use please follow the link attached.

Together we can make a difference to the literacy of the next generation!

Go Plastic Free

So following on my pledge this year to do something about changing the year, I came across a great website that I would like to share with you. The Zero-Waste Chef has some great ideas about making real easy decisions that will rid your kitchen of excess plastic.

I love the ideas, and some of the ideas I have been following for a while – I bring my own bags with me when shopping, I use rags to clean, I chose to use cloth nappies….easy small choices that in the long run have saved me money, and the world more plastic.

Join me in making 2018 plastic free!

Celebrating Children’s Literature

I came across a great collection of historical children’s literature at the University of Florida’s Digital Collection. You can search on Geographic Area and a whole range of other categories.

For me, as a Librarian and passionate advocate for reading, it heartens me to see that these books are being made available digitally for future generations to look back on as historical snapshots of our ancestors.

To enter the world please visit: Baldwin Library of Children’s Literature

First International Children’s Libraries Symposium 14-17 November 2018

First International Children’s Libraries  Symposium that will be held in
the Cappadocia region of Ürgüp in Turkey during 14th-17th November 2018.

The symposium will be realised through the partnership of the Republic
of Turkey Ministry of Development Directorate of Konya Lowlands Project
Development Administration, the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture
and Tourism Libraries and Publications General Directorate and the
Information and Records Management Department of the University of

The Symposium web page:

The aim of the symposium is to debate the prerequisites needed to ensure
that the quality and standing of children’s libraries is increased
through creating an environment for academics and practitioners the
world over, who work in related fields, to interact to share their
knowledge and experiences with organisations and institutions. Within
the above framework, the topic headings of the “First International
Children’s Libraries ” are as follows:


•    The role of children’s libraries in the city
•    The architectural characteristics of children’s libraries
•    Interior design in children’s libraries


•    Children’s Libraries as technology access centres
•    The effect of changing learning and play types on children’s
•    The use of information technologies
•    The Maker Space movement
•    Social networks and Reading Incentive Programmes


•    Ensuring the provision of materials to children, parents,
childminders and others who work with children
•    Creative activities and drama performances
•    The relationship between child and book and introducing the concept
of the library to children
•    Ensuring family participation
•    Characteristics of the physical space allocated to pre-school
period children in children’s libraries
•    Children’s libraries and games

•    Communication skills of those working in children’s libraries
•    The pedagogical proficiency of libraries
•    Who should be employed in children’s libraries?
•    National and International collaboration in children’s libraries
(local government, publishers, universities etc.)

•    Efforts to convert families into library users
•    Mission of children’s libraries to provide training and educate
•    Provision of various activities for children, parents and
•    Easing the societal adjustment process for disadvantaged families
•    Mission of children’s libraries to undertake collaboration with
local communities
•    Mission of children’s libraries to eradicate inequality of
•    Provision of excellent service in children’s libraries
•    Multiculturalism and Library services


•    Decision making processes in relation to selecting children’s
publications for children’s libraries
•    Utilising children’s libraries in the child’s developmental process
•    Utilising children’s libraries for process of acquiring children’s
reading habits
•    Appropriate content specifications for children’s publications
•    Appropriate material and selection criteria for children’s


•    Information literacy competencies for children in an information
•    The scope of teaching children information literacy
•    Information Literacy Programmes and children’s libraries
•    Tools and methods used in information literacy education.

Symposium Co-Chair
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Asiye KAKIRMAN YILDIZ (University of Marmara)

Hard times are coming Le Guin interview 2014 – still hold true…..

“I think hard times are coming,” Ursula K. Le Guin said to the audience assembled in her honor at the 2014 National Book Awards, “when we will be wanting the voices of writers who can see alternatives to how we live now and can see through our fear-stricken society and its obsessive technologies to other ways of being, and even imagine some real grounds for hope. We will need writers who can remember freedom. Poets, visionaries—the realists of a larger reality.”

To read the whole interview with Neil Gaiman and Ursula Le Guin please go to:

Le Guin and Gaiman

Library Lover’s Day

Library Lovers’ Day is going to be bigger than ever this February 14th, with love letters to libraries from some of Australia’s best known authors. And we would appreciate your help to spread the message to school libraries who might like to participate.

We will be releasing the downloadable posters and other materials on Monday 29th January. They will be available from this page:

The resources (many of which are already available) include the attached letterhead, which you can use to encourage students and teachers to write a love letter to your library (or libraries in general). Please send the best love letters to us at ALIA House by the end of February and there is a chance we can include them in a publication celebrating libraries, which we will launch in time for Library and Information Week in May. This will feature quotes from authors, politicians and other Australian library lovers.

Please help us create a buzz for libraries this Valentine’s Day, and let us know what you do by using #libraryloversday for social media posts (handle @alianational) and emailing your best photos to

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