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Glyphosate is the most widely used weed-killer in the world. It’s the active ingredient in Roundup, the flagship agricultural herbicide sold by Monsanto, and it’s used in more than 130 countries including Australia. Glyphosate is in our parks, gardens, golf-courses and playgrounds. And it’s in our food and water.
Veteran investigative journalist Carey Gillam has spent decades exploring the links between big business, biotech and agriculture in America. In her new book, Whitewash, she looks into the growing body of research about glyphosate’s health risks – and reveals the legal and marketing strategies Monsanto has employed to prevent and conceal damaging revelations about their product.
With Sally Warhaft, this tenacious Kansas-based journalist will talk corporate power, public health and reporting Roundup. For bookings at the Wheeler Centre click here.

When: Saturday 11 August 2018, 6.00pm-7.00pmat Strategem Studio at Ulumbarra Theatre



I thought this had to be a hoax, but I went to my ABC news website and there it is….unbelievable…..Donald Trump’s Space Force announcement ups ante as China, Russia race for space supremacy

Darkwreath Brethren

Clearly Trump has been playing too much Command & Conquer: Generals with his latest notion that America should “…not just have a presence in space, but dominance…”.

Mr Trump has gone off the deep end this time, giving the order for General Dunford to oversee the creation of this “Space Army” to ensure America has a place in our space-faring future… right?

I can’t even be bothered to rant about this, it’s just too funny – but is Space Enforcement really a priority here? I think not…

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Sexual Harassment in the Children’s Book Industry

An incredibly powerful article by Anne Ursu, that details the harassment workers in the Children’s Book industry experience. A reminder that we have a long way to go…..

Linda Walker – MBE

Do you wonder what happened to the children who grew up near Chernobyl?  I believe Linda Walker symbolizes what we can all do – change the world through our actions. Her Chernobyl Children’s Project UK helps the young seek respite and experience joy. For more of this fascinating woman please read this article at Linda Walker’s healing touch.

The underground dissenters – educating women in 1830’s – Harriet Martineau

A fascinating podcast on Harriet Martineau.

Harriet Martineau was a deaf novelist who wrote about religion, slavery in America and the rights of women. Her work was read by Queen Victoria


Changing Jobs

So for the past few months, I’ve been looking for another job. All my spare energy, what little I have, was focused on finding another job. In the end I did find one, after many selection criteria and an interview. The process was a good way to find out what I wanted to do, and where I wanted to work.

Reflecting on what skills I had, and what skills I wanted, was another great opportunity for me. But the process of writing applications, sending them off, was so time consuming. I’d get home from work, cook dinner with my partner and child, then hop on and apply, and apply and then apply some more. Do some housework and then apply some more.

But I’m now moving into a new role, working for a specialist library that supports Languages and Multicultural resource provision. It’s so exciting, and a jump back into a field that I’ve enjoyed working in – Education and Training.

But the flip side is leaving so many new friends I’ve made over the 17 months I’ve worked in my now old job (today was my last day, so I’m on the reflective side). I’ve made plans to catch up with some next week and in the following weeks, and I hope that the friendships will live far longer than my time working at the old job.

So stay tuned as I boldly go, where no me has gone before.

Harry Potter and the Battle For Gun Control

Emily Asher-Perrin writes a thought provoking article on the relationship between Harry Potter and Gun Control. For someone who lives outside of the crazy mess that is the United States of America, it’s an interesting take – and I so hope that those who are actively campaigning for Gun Control win – as Harry and the Order did.

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