Males and what they have taught me……

A post to the men in my life:

I grew up in a predominantly female household, so now I’m living in a predominantly male household, I get a chance to reflect on the male perspective.

I truly love the differences, though sometimes I just don’t get the jokes that are told. I just don’t get how you can keep laughing about bottoms, or farts or weeing…..but they do. I love to hear the little boy happy laughs, when my son is with friends and they’re cracking themselves up with jokes about such things. The laughter goes on and on, and it’s so uplifting to hear small people having such a good time.

The lesson of unrestrained laughter, is just one thing that I have learnt from my son and my partner. They sit there and just laugh, and laugh and laugh……and I join in. There is something so amazing about a laughter high. It cures everything……or at least helps you forget for a while…..

I also adore the fact that they are not at all self-conscious – they will just wear whatever they feels comfortable with. My son for example will happily wear odd socks, t-shirts that are too small or back to front trackie pants if I let him. He just wants to be out and about. No worries that he looks like he’s dressed himself in the dark – which often he has.

It’s this freedom of movement and existence I love, they do not have a media circus who tries to sell them the line that they’re just not good enough. There is this message, that is almost delivered daily to women, that we need to spend money on things that will make us conform to an ideal of beauty that a very large proportion of women can never achieve (I for one am unlikely to grow another six inches in height, or develop long legs, or remove my laughter lines…you get the picture). Like a dark shadow that haunts us, and drags us downwards to places I ponder is it there to control us? To somehow subjudgate us? To keep us from realising our full potential? For I have learnt from the beautiful men who inhabit my life, that life is about experiencing it, laughing with it, and just living it. And the realisation that we should be happy to be who we are, not who we want to be.

This is not to say that aspiring to change something about yourself, for yourself is a bad thing, I just think we spend so much time trying, wanting, desiring, that we don’t spend enough time in the present, actually living and enjoying.

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2 thoughts on “Males and what they have taught me……

  1. Grndma Chris January 12, 2013 at 02:25 Reply

    You hit the nail on the head here. Women are pressured into conforming into something that is unobtainable. I have 2 girls and then my son came along and what a different child he was, little boys are such cuties.

  2. spicejac January 14, 2013 at 10:20 Reply

    We’re trapped into this definition of what we are supposed to be, and it’s only now that I’m much older and more cynical can I really see what effect it’s had on my decisions…..

    And I love little boys together – they’re like energy unleashed, but they’re also so much fun….

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