The 2015 Stella Prize Longlist announced!


Because we need to support the writer in us all and an opportunity for the female voice to be heard….

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The longlist for the 2015 Stella Prize has just been announced, and what an exciting list of Australian authors!

Named after one of Australia’s most important female authors, Stella Maria Miles Franklin, The Stella Prize celebrates Australian women’s contribution to literature, awarded last year to Clare Wright for The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka.

Don’t miss the chance to grab a copy of these fantastic books and judge them for yourself with the help of Booktopia.

The Golden Age

by Joan London

This is a story of resilience, the irrepressible, enduring nature of love, and the fragility of life. From one of Australia’s most loved novelists.

He felt like a pirate landing on an island of little maimed animals. A great wave had swept them up and dumped them here. All of them, like him, stranded, wanting to go home.

It is 1954 and thirteen-year-old Frank Gold, refugee from wartime Hungary…

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International Book Giving Day 2015 is nearly here …


I almost missed this one this year….

Originally posted on International Book Giving Day 2015:

I spy with my little eye lots & lots of excitement and preparations across the globe.

Tales of events in Cambodia, Hungary, Australia and the Philippines are reaching our ears.

There are book fairies (librarian Angela Reynolds) dusting off their wings to deliver books in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Routes To Reading are taking nominations of nurseries in Bristol, UK for their IBGD giveaway. You can nominate here.

Fiona Roberton has designed this gorgeous poster, which I’m totally in love with. After the weekend, a copy is definitely going on my wall!

Fiona Roberton Fiona Roberton

The response to our bookmarks and bookplates has been astounding. Here they are being used as a wonderful centre piece ready for the big day …

Marlleen Montelongo Marlleen Montelongo

Mowmacre Hill Primary School in Leicester, UK are not only holding a bookmark competition, every pupil in the school will receive a bookmark and book on Friday!

The Itty Bitty…

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Why is it that in this world of ours that we fail to acknowledge the impact that grief and loss has on our lives? That it’s easier to ignore these strong overwhelming emotions and just hope for the best?

I hit a wall two weeks ago, I’d moved house, started a new job and was trying to be the best supportive Mother and partner I could be. Then the anniversary of my Dad’s death came and went – I happened to start the job on his death day, and so had pushed and pushed my loss so deep, that it was there – a cold lump of sorrow burrowed so deep that it ached in the lonely hours of the night.

It emerged on a Saturday following the start of the new job, it erupted, bringing with it near hysterical tears and sobbing. The type of breaking in two sorrow, that I’ve felt before, and had so hard to ignore.

But this is the thing about sorrow, no matter how hard you push it down, try to ignore it or move on. It catches you and freezes you until it emerges, strong and fierce and at times frightening for all. Because we are not built to hide this type of emotion – even though in this society of ours, strong emotions are feared and ignored.

I had thought that I had moved past this time, but realise now that in times of extreme stress I have to be more careful on how far I am pushing myself. That by heaping all that stress onto my shoulders, my grief would need an outlet. An opportunity to feel the losses of all those folk I’ve known and loved. To allow myself this opportunity to grieve openly and for as  long as it took to get that sorrow out.

It worked, I’d never felt so at peace then I did afterwards, I felt cleansed of the hard cold sorrow, and the fire of my grief.

I wonder how many folk try to carry on, to try and hide this grief, when it should be allowed to emerge….do you hide yours?



As a knitter – I so understand this – it truly is how I feel about knitting!

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I’m twisting yarn,

clicking knots together,

entwining future warmth

and comfort

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Will George RR Martin’s The Winds of Winter be published this year?


I adore Game of Thrones – do you?

Originally posted on Booktopia - A Book Bloggers' Paradise - The No. 1 Book Blog for Australia:

It happens every time. Whenever we cross paths with HarperCollins, George R.R. Martin’s Australian publisher, the conversation invariably leans towards A Song of Ice and Fire.

532357935209ba3172b1158a_george-rr-martinWhen will the next book be coming?

Is it this year?

It’s this year isn’t it?

Blink once if it’s this year.

Was that a blink?

But it appears it wasn’t a blink after all, as Martin’s UK publisher Jane Johnson from HarperCollins gave fans the big news overnight.

“I have no information on likely delivery,” she said. “These are increasingly complex books and require immense amounts of concentration to write. Fans really ought to appreciate that the length of these monsters is equivalent to two or three novels by other writers.”

Martin too is feeling the strain of impatient fans.

“I know how many people are waiting, how long they have been waiting, how anxious they are. I am still working on

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Starting a fresh

We’ve moved and was that an epic tale to be told another time. We’re now living in a community of less than 800 folk – imagine that – you walk down the main street and everyone knows you or knows of you. I love this sense of community, of knowing that you’re known. That we’re in a small community, not lost in a big city.

The downside – fresh food, and I’m desperately planting out my seedlings I’ve brought with us. Trying to establish a garden is my number one priority.

So for us 2015 means a brand new world, and exploring what it means to be living in a rural community.

Postnatal Depression Awareness

      When I was a new mum, there wasn’t much information about, we just made do. But it’s so important to reach out to new mothers and fathers and say hey are you doing okay? Is there anything I can do? Because as a parentless parent, it’s so hard those first few months trying to do it on your own with no support from family or firends.

Did you know that 74% of mums who were struggling were ashamed to admit they weren’t coping? Lack of information, fears of being judged and stigma is leaving mums uninformed, unsupported and feeling alone.

COPE: Centre of Perinatal Excellence which have officially launched their new website. Their sensitive, informative website ( provides emotional health advice throughout your parenthood journey – from preconception to pregnancy, birth and your first year with a baby.
Visit their website, and follow COPE on Facebook to be informed, inspired and support others through the many (often unspoken) challenges, that parenthood can bring.

How you can get involved:

You can get involved today by ‘liking’ COPE on Facebook to keep connected and part of their growing community and making a difference.

You can donate to COPE here invites you on the journey to raising awareness and being part of the growing momentum to inform parents, reduce the stigma and help to ‘keep motherhood real’. Be part of ‘keeping motherhood real’ by purchasing this limited edition keyring for you or someone you know. #keepmotherhoodreal

Priced at just $9.95, all funds raised from your purchase will help us to raise awareness, reduce stigma and support women and men to seek help early
COPE: Because no one ever tells you, how hard it can be.

International Book Giving Day 2015

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